Inside Bosso: How one order built a company.

It all started when we received an order on our platform from a small hardware store to supply glass worth K12,000 ($754). We did not have the capital to buy the goods and after we contacted the client, it was clear he did not trust us enough to give us the money upfront.

You want a currency that’s stronger than the USD in Africa? Trust! I knew this client was testing our brand, our sales team, and our company. Losing this deal was not an option, but all our funds were already allocated to other orders. We had maxed out borrowing from our friends to fund that day’s orders but we still wanted to maximize as many sales on that day as possible, like any new start up would.

Hello, I’m Chisepo Chirwa, a two-time entrepreneur from Zambia and the CEO of Bosso, a platform with the mission to solve Africa’s Housing crisis. You may be asking, “What does this order have to do with housing?” Good question. Our research suggests that more than 70% of building material is sourced from local hardware stores, and if you ever wondered why prices for building material is high, it is because of how that material is sourced. The more money the hardware store pays to get inventory, the higher the prices are for you.

So, we built Bosso, to drive down the prices of construction material, by using technology to source it faster, easier, and cheaper, then pass those savings down to you. We believe with technology, we can make building more affordable and accessible to everyone, especially the youth.

P.S: Look out for how we solved the glass supply problem on that day.

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